Introducing the Highs!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but no one ever tells you where it is or how to get there. 

Welcome to the blog I’ve been saying I was going to start for 2 years! Life is crazy you guys, but that is what makes it beautiful. Since becoming a mother and more successful in my career, a huge focus of mine has become balance and boundaries- what is important to me and how do I fit it all in? Well I’m excited to share……..I still have no idea! But I’m working on it, and I’ve learned a lot. This blog is to help share those learnings out. We shouldn’t all have to figure this awesome and hectic season of life out alone. The joys and struggles of parenting and how to deal, embracing the changes in our bodies and skin as we get older, and making delicious, healthy meals in a short period of time. 

A bit about me: I’m a Director of Merchandising at a well known yoga and fitness company, a mother to a three year old daughter and a wife to a passionate brewer. We are the quintessential Colorado family. I do yoga and drink beer for sanity, have a tendency to not unpack my suitcase for 2 weeks after a trip, and I also way over post on my instastories. I talk loud, speak my mind and can be a lot to handle. I’ve also got a big heart, love to help people with their problems and make them laugh. 

A bit about my family: Thea Hansley is my feisty as possible 3 year old. She’s loud just like her momma and has the vocabulary of a 40 year old. My daughter is truly my everything and I can’t remember life before she came to us (so be prepared to hear a lot about her). My husband Seth and I have been married for 10 years, and love to check out breweries, get tattoos and do home renovation projects together. We also have a 10 year old boxer, Odin, who is 95 pounds, who drools on everything, farts a lot and thinks he is a lap dog. 

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