Why I Can’t Worry About What Other People Think These Days

What was supposed to be a pretty relaxing day of going on a short hike and then wandering around the shops in downtown Grand Lake turned into a super hot mess. First of all, I should have known better. We had JUST started potty training and Thea hadn’t quite mastered……well anything yet. In true Katrina fashion though I figured I could just handle it if I was prepared enough! I brought a backup pairs of clothes (including shoes) and we went on our merry way.

Thea lost her mind the minute we got out of the car and pretended her legs wouldn’t work. Ok fine. My sister decided to carry her. The trees were stunning and changing colors and we wouldn’t let anything stop us! Then as we were just out of sight of the car she pees her pants. No problem! Katrina to the rescue with backup clothes! As I put them on her and turn to put the pee filled clothes back in the bag, she PEES AGAIN! Whelp shoot. Back to the car we go.

We head into downtown Grand Lake to have our picnic, wandering shops to try to find Thea some pants. Boy did I get some looks walking around a posh tourist town with my kid in a pull up and some rain boots. Luckily we found a little shop and I spent a whopping $30 on some “bat moose” pajamas for her to wear. I thought to myself “well, at least I’ll be able to chuckle at this every time she wears these”!

To finish off the day, we decided to go down to the beach and let Thea play in the sand a bit. TO my chagrin, this was the first time the ENTIRE day she decided she needed to go, and she needed to go NOW. Pure mom mode kicked in. “Go for it girl! Drop trou! So proud of you!” And so she did- on the middle of the beach and in the middle of a bunch of strangers.

A single picture that sums up motherhood

As you can tell, most of them were FAR from impressed. Most of them were also not potty training their kid, so they had no room to judge. I’d love to discuss this lady’s face while I was making sure we were only working with a #1 and not a #2 though guys! THIS LADY’S FACE. It’s truly engrained in my mind any time I feel remotely ready to judge another parent for something they are doing. You do not know what kind of day they are having or what they are going through. A small nod of sisterhood or smile, or hell a fist bump would have made me feel a lot better about that situation. We are just a band of humans raising other little humans, some differently than others and that is A OK.

My kid is potty trained now, and I can assure you we don’t just pee in public. I can also assure you that I’m going to be putting this in her high school graduation AND wedding slide shows.

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