Why I Still Wear Pleather Pants

Why is it that when we have a kid we have to become “sensible” dressers? I mean I get it- part of the glam of high waisted jeans coming back is that my butt crack doesn’t hang out when I squat down to pick up my kid, but at the end of the day I’m still allowed to look cute…..right? Well, recently I busted back out my pleather leggings and BOY did I not realize what I was missing! Not only did they make me feel sassy and a tad bit sexy again (my husband even noticed what I was wearing for once), they are SO easy to wipe off when your kid spills on them!

I think changing how we dress when we become moms “because it’s sensible” is just the tip of the iceberg of what the actual issue is – losing our sense of self. I mean at the end of the day yes, we need have our wardrobe be more about function than fashion – I can’t hold my kid without flashing everyone in a low cut shirt and I sure as hell can’t run after her into traffic wearing 3 inch heels. Like, I’m pretty sure the simple fact that I’m usually wearing Vans has saved Thea’s life on multiple occasions. That being said, it’s hard, and honestly downright painful shopping after growing a human. Your body has changed, you don’t have time to eat healthy or exercise to even come back to some sense of normalcy, so you just say well I’ll get new clothes when ….. fill in the blank. Also we all know how many more bills we have once you add even just one tiny human into the mix. And that becomes a downward spiral.

It’s important to embrace the now and feel good about yourself, not only for yourself but for your family. Feeling like crap about yourself and always putting yourself last isn’t good for anyone, and it’s absolutely not creating a good example for your children. We do not need to become a shell of who we once were because of the insecurities and lack of time for ourselves. I’m sure you are thinking “Katrina, that sounds great in theory but when am I supposed to go shopping? I don’t have much if any free time and trying clothes on with kids in the dressing room……..yea right”. Meet yourself where you are. There’s a reason literally my entire wardrobe is from Target. I order online, try on at home, and return what doesn’t work when I’m there for other oh so sensible things. There are ways to make it work if you put your mind to it!

Now don’t totally freak- I’m not saying we need to get up and take down that mom bun and put back our yoga pants. I own 27 pairs (this is no joke) and they are on serious rotation. But go ahead and get yourself some new ones. Do what you need to do to feel good and add that pep back into your step. You deserve it Momma.

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