My Six Favorite Wardrobe Staples

Ah yes, look at us all hitting the stage of life where we don’t realize how old something in our closet is until we actually do the math. I realized some of my underpants are 15 years old the other day, and I’m still wearing a shirt I got at the goodwill in college to bed. That being said, the past year or so I’ve started incorporating my love for style back into my life. I’ve always enjoyed being on top of trends and for those that have known me for a long time know that I’ve gone from what the fashion world calls an “early adapter” to “very, very, very late (if at all) adapter”. Now that I’ve started enjoying shopping for myself a bit more again, I have some pieces that frequently go into rotation due to the fact that they are stylish, functional and work at my casual office or on the weekends depending on what shoes I pair with them.

Chambray Button Up
This literally goes with everything. I pair it over dresses, t shirts, under sweaters, or wear it alone french tucked into high waisted pants …..the options are truly endless. Layering makes it look like you put in some effort without actually putting in effort. Ok. I know some of you are wondering “what’s a french tuck?” A french tuck is when you just tuck the very front of your shirt into your pants. It’s great because it allows you to show off your shape in some of your oversized shirts without looking like George Costanza. Also, if you don’t know what it means that tells me you are not watching Queer Eye. Shame on you henny!!!!!

Printed Sneakers
Please do not be afraid to mix your prints. Leopard is my favorite neutral, and I pair it with stripes and plaids all of the time. I got a pair of custom leopard print Old Skool Vans for Christmas and wear them basically every day. Remember what I was saying about edgy before? Here’s another great way to take your look next level and still be comfortable.

Ripped Black Jeans
Ok, I say ripped black jeans to pull you in. But how about ELASTIC WAISTBAND ripped black jeans. I feel like the edginess of the rip makes the waistband ok. Right? Just say yes. But honestly you guys, these pants make ya say “see ya later love handles!” These Rockstar Jeggings from Old Navy are so amazingly slimming thanks to the stretchy waistband that I own them in two colors. Ok waistband aside though, the rips are great, no matter type of waistband they have. It makes you look a bit more edgy, which I think is an area we all struggle in when we become parents. Repeat to yourself- “being edgy at 35 is an ok thing! Being edgy at 35 is an ok thing!”

Green Anorak
I’m ashamed to say it, but I have 3 of these in different thicknesses and they get rotated throughout the year. Olive green goes with just about anything and A jacket like this completes your outfit. I have a super thin one that can be worn all day as part of an outfit if I wanted; and I like to roll the cuffs on this to allow for my shirt print to show to keep things interesting. Then there’s my medium weight one that’s sherpa lined and my super heavy duty one with a fur trimmed hood for snow days.

High Waisted Button Fly Jeans
My sister has been telling me for ages that I need to buy a pair of these. I am super high waisted, so I ignored her for a long time about it, assuming they would be awful on me. She also is like an extreme cross fit enthusiast, hasn’t had a baby, and is 5 years younger than me AND taller….so I was afraid to trust it. Boy was I wrong. If I could marry American Eagle’s Ne(x)t Level Super High Waisted Jeans I would. The high waist is so flattering, hides the lil perma pooch you get after pregnancy, and looks so good with a little french tucked loose fit tee or sweater. Also, I can squat down and pick up my kid without my ass crack hanging out or needing to adjust my pants!

Plaid Blanket Scarf
I actually own two plaid blanket scarfs because I love them so much. It’s another great way to add a layer and take your look next level without effort. Again, don’t be afraid to mix your prints. I wear them with my leopard shoes or a striped top all the time!

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