A Marie Kondoing of People

There is no bigger time suck than maintaining friendships that don’t (as our good friend Marie Kondo says) “spark joy”. This year I realized, I do not have time to maintain all of these things. It’s time to do some cleaning- if a relationship doesn’t bring me complete and utter joy, it’s going to get phased out.

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Mommy, Let Me See You Smile

This morning while I was pouring my 3rd cup of coffee, my three year old daughter asked me to look at her. When I turned around to face her she told me “Mommy, can you please smile a happy smile?” Ugh, punch in the gut. I’ve been doing my best to hold my shit together […]

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Stay at Home Moms, I See You

The past three weeks our house has been a full blown cesspool. I know I say that every year around this time, and if you know me personally, you know my kid literally catches every single thing in the worst way possible and then usually gives it to me. For example- two years ago we […]

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Together We Rise

You come from a family of strong women. We have always pushed boundaries and are never able to filter ourselves no matter how hard we try. We’ve gone through trials, we’ve suppressed feelings, we’ve fought to be where we belong. For years I’ve seen us all struggle, trying to hold back our fierce energy and […]

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The Invisible Load of Motherhood

I forgot my daughter’s ballet slippers for class this weekend and she was absolutely devastated. I, in turn, felt terrible. As all the little tutu clad girls ran to their moms to put their dance shoes on, all I was able to give mine was an apology that she just didn’t understand. Tears started streaming […]

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Life with Tattoos

I was going through my closet trying to find something to wear for my video call with the entire executive team today, and hesitated for a second when I went to grab a short sleeved shirt. You see, I’m in an upper management position and work with a lot of conservative men. I also have […]

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