Endometriosis Brought me Here

I just got home from my annual OB appointment and poured myself a giant glass of wine. The final chapter in my long ass book of infertility just got closed, and it wasn’t a doctor that closed it- it was me. I’m struggling a bit with letting that settle in. I still have scars on […]

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Infertility: A Disease Uncovered

Guest Post: Samantha Sullivan 80 million people worldwide are affected by an illness called infertility,  (Tara M. Cousineau PhD. (Senior staff psychologist), 2007) despite that fact, there is very little public knowledge or awareness about it. 7.3 million women in the U.S. have sought treatment for infertility (Iris G. Insogna, 2018) but, for many reasons the […]

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The Dreaded 2WW

If you are part of the IVF cool kids group, you know all about the dreaded “two week wait”. It should honestly be called the 500 year wait, because that is exactly what it feels like. Layer on the most insane anxiety you’ve ever had on top of a shit ton of hormones and a […]

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